7 Conspiracies of Power

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The web of conspiracies revealed in this book is ‘intricate and multi – dimensional.’ The seven core areas of conspiracy are treated with dexterity, which are. . .

About 7 Conspiracies of Power

The objective of this book is to identify ‘very fundamental elements that undermine the emergence of creative and exceptional leadership, and qualitative development.’ The web of conspiracies revealed in this book is ‘intricate and multi – dimensional.’ The seven core areas of conspiracy are treated with dexterity, which are:
Foreign Relations
Through the ever-widening network of these manipulative conspiracies, ‘destinies are programmed, processed and packaged in a manner that each step builds on another. It is simply by an amazing grace that our emerging nation-state, called Nigeria, has survived at all. The way of the Nigerian elite’ is ‘truly a mystery’.
The author is further pained by the paradox of why Nigerians excel and are actually celebrated while abroad, only to have their lights extinguished ‘when inside Nigeria.’ In a brilliant analysis, Dr. Neliaku succeeds in revealing that ‘events do not just happen; they are invented and re-invented,’ with a powerful network of forces shaping the ‘dynamics and destinies’ of communities. Indeed, the conspiracies reveal that ‘scripts’ are ‘carefully crafted to control’ destinies.

Book Endorsements

With great delight that I invite readers to feast on this celebration of excellence; this matrix of brilliant ideas; this masterpiece of sophisticated analysis; a lighthouse of relevant solutions; a fresh river of possibilities.
Professor Jerry Gana, CON
Author, Creating Wealth for National Development Abuja, Nigeria
The book 7 Conspiracies of Power powerfully exposes the natures of the intrigues behind the throne as captured by the author who observed the conspiracies of power from a vantage position as an insider.
Major General Collins R.U Ihekire rtd.
Former Force Commander, AMIS Darfur, Sudan
Dr. Ike Neliaku in 7 Conspiracies of Power presents a new and bold theory of leadership effectiveness whose explanatory model goes beyond individual traits and principles and explores a range of factors.
Martin Ihoeghian Uhomoibhi
President, Pan African Institute for Global Affairs and Strategy (PAIGAS), Abuja.

Meet the Author

Dr. Ike Neliaku was born in Anambra, Nigeria. He had an early education, finishing from Comprehensive Secondary School in 1984 where he had already started displaying excellent leadership qualities from his teenage years.
He went on to attend the University of Jos, where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Art in 1989 and later a Master’s degree in Political Economy and a PhD in Development Studies, both from the University of Abuja.
Dr. Ike is the recipient of numerous awards and was appointed Senior Special Assistant to the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria (2010-2015). He is an author and a Public Speaker.
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